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Keeping your doors open to customers is all about making sure your business is using the right products of disinfection . EFAS Complete SAFE Systems can help you keep your business open and compliant with work safe policies; protecting your employees and customers alike from contaminated surfaces. 

The responsibility is on businesses and institutions of every sort and kind to do what needs to be done to keep customers and employees safe. We can help.  


We can help you get back at it

COVID-19 has burdened businesses with more responsibility than ever thought possible, and with it just as many questions. How do I keep my business compliant with new regulations? How do I stay open? Will our employees and customers feel safe? 

 EFAS Complete SAFE two step process of disinfecting and then surface protecting can help you give your employees and customers the confidence to get back at it.


Thymox, with its patented technology—is a line of powerful, safe and non-toxic formulas that feature the active ingredient thymol, a component of thyme oil.


Disinfect all Surfaces


Nature meets innovation

Who ever said you had to use harsh chemical pollutants to disinfect your surfaces? 

We understand it’s hard to believe that a disinfectant with the industrial strength of EFASCIDE can also be a green product, but it’s true. EFASCIDE is an innovative and very powerful botanically derived disinfectant with thymol (thyme oil) as the active ingredient. Built on 10 years of science, EFASCIDE is a patented formula and is made in Canada.

EFASCIDE delivers a stabilized and highly efficient antimicrobial disinfectant solution to confidently kill harmful pathogens. 


The proprietary technology behind EFASHIELD’s durable antimicrobial coating is powered by a patented formula registered with Health Canada and the USA’s EPA. As can be seen, nano-pillars to spears pierce the microbe causing death rendering surfaces free of microbial contamination and cross contamination.

Protect all Surfaces


EFASHIELD creates an odourless, invisible and durable protective coating on most any surface. Treated surfaces are extremely hostile to microorganisms creating a microbiostatic coating that inhibits the growth or multiplication of bacteria, algae, yeasts, mould and mildew, and a broad spectrum of other micro-organisms remaining active 24/7 requiring re-application every 90 days.

The non-irritant coating will not wipe off with regular cleaning. Health regulators worldwide have recognized the active ingredient  has no human health or ecological risks or concerns containing no heavy metals and will not leach out into the environment.

protect yourself & your workplace

how we can help you


Our distributors stand ready to supply your business with our eco-friendly disinfectant. Get in touch with us and we will connect your business with a supply of the only 100% biodegradable disinfectant in Canada.

State of the Art Sprayers

Our technology works at the microscopic level to deliver a uniform, wraparound layer of disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions so you, your customers, and your employees can get back to life, safely.

Eco-Friendly is Trending - Is your business?

If you’re a service company seeking opportunity to purchase EFASCIDE Botanical Disinfectant, contact our offices to see if we can work something out. 


Getting involved has never been so important and never so easy. We got the tools to get you started with your own electrostatic disinfecting company.