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Well as you have probably noticed, we’re kind of big on “EFAS”.

EFAS (Eee-fas) is “safe” spelled backwards, so when you see EFAS think SAFE.  That means for us EFAS COMPLETE SAFE translates into “Safe Complete Safe” and what could be better than completely safe?

EFASCIDE (Eee-fa-side) can be a bit of a mouth full for sure, but now that you know EFAS = safe and “CIDE” = kill, then EFAS-CIDE translates into “Safe-Kill.” And that’s a true statement, as EFASCIDE is non-toxic, eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

We hope you agree that the EFAS safe line of products areindeed safer for you providing with the very best in biosecurity.

Safe is Good, Safer is Better

EFAS COMPLETE SAFE was founded on a simple idea: Relentlessly pursue safer products!

Before Covid-19, businesses did not have to disinfect every surface multiple times a day. The extensive use of brand name disinfectants has exposed consumers to the harshness and toxicity of the very products we ironically use to make our workspace safer. Go figure?

Our products are designed to work together providing greater biosecurity for the things that matter most to you and your business.

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Why We Pursue safer products

Exchanging a Contaminant with a Pollutant

IS not a sustainable solution

Surface disinfectants and cleaning products often use harsh toxic chemicals to break down and kill viruses and bacteria, these harsh chemicals contain Volatile Organic Compounds that “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe trading out microbial contaminates for pollutants.

Some of these chemical disinfectants have warning labels that would frighten the most heroic person such irreversible eye damage or fatal if inhaled. 

What are the potential health harms of disinfectants? Bleach is well-known as a possible cause of asthma, and ammonium compunds have also been found to have the potential to set off the condition.

The CDC found that disinfectants, including bleach and quats, were implicated in 830 out of 2,593 pesticide-related illnesses or injuries—such as eye, skin, or upper respiratory irritation in school children.

Consumer & Employee

Safety is OUR priority

Our Mission: At EFAS Complete Safe, we are committed to providing high-quality disinfecting solutions and persistant surface protectants, backed by a level of science and regulatory compliance aimed at helping your business open and stay open with confidence. 

Our Vision: “Always appreciating the value of a safe workplace by respecting the dignity of everyone who goes to work to better themselves, their families, and their communities.”



We are driven to be your trusted source for your disinfectant and surface protectant products. Occupational health and safety are the hallmarks of every successful business. At EFAS Complete SAFE, we stand ready to mobilize our experienced and professional EFAS representatives to assist your business to make a compliant and safe environment for you, your staff and customers. If your workplace tested positive for Covid-19, rest easy as spray technicians are trained and safely outfitted with PPE for their protection so we can take care of the problem for you.

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We offer a comprehensive and affordable disinfectant and persistent surface protectant products designed to help ensure that your workplace is safer for everyone.

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Protecting Surfaces

Protecting surfaces with is a new normal for lasting biosecurity in the workplace.

EFAS Complete Safe products are Health Canada and USA EPA registered. The patented technologies behind our surface protectant adheres to most any surface providing a durable and invisable coating with proven antimicrobial properties killing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould and other micro-organisms on most any surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Disinfectant

Your new normal doesn’t have to include harsh, corrosive or toxic chemicals.

EFASCIDE is an innovative powerful botanically derived disinfectant with broad spectrum efficacy. Built on 10 years of science, it’s a patented, eco-friendly formula made right here in Canada. We deliver a stabilized and highly efficient antimicrobial botanical disinfectant solution using thymol to kill pathogens. 

We Are All In This

Reality is this “new normal” includes your business, lets make it as normal as possible.

Our safe and environmentally-friendly products can be used in every industry from healthcare, public transportation and education through to every workplace including restaruants, dealerships, retail outlets, gymnasiums, studios, offices and more.