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24/7  Continous Surface Protection 

Studies indicate that antimicrobial coatings continually protect surfaces from microbes 24/7

24/7 SURFACE PROTECTION | Learn How It Works

Protecting workplace surfaces with lasting microbiostatic coating like dragonfly’s wing.

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Long Lasting Surface Protection

EFASHIELD is an invisible shield that acts as a lasting and durable surface protectant-coating. Health Canada and USA’s EPA have registered this patented antimicrobial compound. Once applied, it has the ability to protect the coated surface from a broad spectrum of bacteria, mould, mildew, algae and fungi 24/7 requiring reapplication every 90 days.

The mode of action, mimicks the protective measures found on the wing’s of a dragonfly, by forming millions upon millions of nano-sized spears or pillars pointing upwards that puncture and peirce the cell membrane of all microbes coming in contact with the tip of the spear on the treated surface.

How it works

Silane Base – The first section of the long chain molecule is a silane base, which enables the antimicrobial to anchor securely onto the substrate. A covalent bond is formed slowly through hydrolysis reactions, providing long-lasting and sometimes permanent antimicrobial protection against a broad spectrum of single cell microorganisms.

Positively Charged Nitrogen – The second section of the long chain molecule is a bolt of electricity that finishes off any speared bug that survives the sword. A positively charged atom of nitrogen writes the bug’s epitaph. The negatively charged membranes of some microbes will be magnetically drawn to their demise. This mechanical kill negates the need for toxic chemicals.  

Long Molecular Carbon Chain – The third section of the long chain molecule is the blade that initially comes into contact with the offending microbes. This acts like a sword that punctures the cell membranes of all microbes coming in contact with it.


Its a battle won at a microscopic level

Imagine the path to economic recovery by making every surface in your workplace safer for months. One long-lasting application of EFASHIELD continuously kills germs 24/7 requiring reapplication every 90 days.

Key Features of EFASHIELD

  • EFASHIELD kills up to 99.99% of the bacteria that cause odour – doesn’t mask, kills at the source!
  • EFASHIELD utilizes a water based biostatic antimicrobial surface protectant that can be applied to virtually any surface, including fabrics.  It shields surfaces from a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • EFASHIELD creates an invisible barrier that inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria – bacteria that cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae.
  • EFASHIELD provides long-lasting protection on hard surfaces that stops mold, mildew, and various microbes on contact, and continues working for 30 days on high contact areas and 90 days or longer on other areas (dependent on traffic over the surface).
  • When applied to fabrics, EFASHIELD has exceptional durability.  Studies show that EFASHIELD retains its effectiveness after 100 washes.
  • EFASHIELD delivers a mechanical / biostatic shock to microbes.  Other antimicrobial treatments may use poisons, silver, or other heavy metals that require the microbe to ingest their material.  These poisons often only injure the microbe, resulting in the later breeding of a stronger variant or “super bug” microorganism such as MRSA and C-diff.

Why Use the EFASHIELD System?

  • Most offensive odours are caused by microbes, many of which are dangerous.
  • The World Health Organization recognizes the spread of microbial infections as the leading cause of death in the world today.
  • While many disinfectants kill germs on contact, they fail to provide the long-term protection provided by the EFASHIELD system.  Without this extra level of protection, the germs rapidly grow and re-populate. This long-term protection is not achieved by disinfectants.
  • Rigorous testing by both independent and World Health Organization approved laboratories confirm that the EFASHIELD system has been proven to reduce the growth of microbe populations by up to 99.99% and continues to inhibit their return for at least 90 days, depending on the usage of the treated surface.
  • EFASHIELD leaves no discernible trace.  Treated surfaces have the same look and feel as untreated surfaces.
  • We only use Health Canada listed products to ensure your facility remains safe.





The economic impact of COVID-19 on business and public services cannot be understated. Building back employee and consumer confidence is priority to help restart the engines of commerce by making the workplace safer for all. Accelerate your recovery and get workers back to work.

Governments around the world are contending with the fallout of the COVID-19, so what have learned is that we had better be prepared for the next wave. Doing so starts with stopping the spread of infectious diseases in the most common ways those diseases are spread. EFASHIELD can protect surfaces from a broad spectrum of pathogens helping to play a role in stabilizing economies by reducing microbial proliferation on treated surfaces.


EFASHIELD makes it safer to open and keep open your business and with scientific levels of biosecurity giving employees and consumers the confidence to feel normal again. A single application helps protect surfaces from the harms of unwanted microbes around the clock 24/7.

Contact us to learn how EFASCIDE and EFASHIELD can help bring your business back to normal.

Imagine 24/7 Surface Protection

Disinfect your surfaces first with EFASCIDE Botanical Disinfectant then lay down a coat of EFASHIELD Antimicrobial surface protection.